19 Jul (Wed) Arrival of QT players
20 Jul (Thu) 1st-3nd rounds of QT
21 Jul (Fri) 4rd-6th rounds of QT
22 Jul (Sat) 7th-8th rounds of QT; opening ceremony (18:00), lotting of AT
23 Jul (Sun) 1st-2nd rounds of AT, BT
24 Jul (Mon) 3rd-4th rounds of AT, BT
25 Jul (Tue) 5th-6th rounds of AT, BT
26 Jul (Wed) Free day – sightseeing, sport, gomoku assembly
27 Jul (Thu) 7th-8th rounds of AT, 7th round of BT, gomoku blitz
28 Jul (Fri) 9th-10th rounds of AT, 8th round of BT, super blitz
29 Jul (Sat) 11th rounds of AT; 9th round of BT, closing ceremony (16:00)
30 Jul (Sun) Departure of participants


Start of 1st round of the day

Start of 2nd round of the day

Start of 3rd round of the day

QT 8:30 12:30 16:00
AT 8:30 14:30
BT 9:00 14:00
Blitz 16:00